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Through vigilance and attention to detail, KRE Security has performed countless escorts without incident over the course of our last 35 years in business. Protection and safety of our customers is our top priority, our armed escort services regularly with our Armed Guard and Escort Division include:

Money/Vending Escort Service Benefits:

  • Save time and money

  • Carrier support with active guard with them during transports.

  • Lower the risk of theft and mishandling

  • Allows guards to be vigilant and provide solutions to customer escorts

  • Free up resources for more productive activities

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Gain greater visibility into your operations

  • Improve security for your employees and customers

  • Develop planning that does not expose the customer to rutein operations to leave them vulnerable.

ATM Services – Available to ATM repair technicians on short notice at any time, KRE Security LLC ATM services help reduce risk. Our ATM armed escorts are easily identifiable to deter criminals as an armed and visual deterrent should incident occur while on duty. Hiring KRE Security as your armed escort provides secure environment for technicians to safely service the equipment while getting the ATM machine up and running as quickly as possible, while allowing technicians the ability to service and having a armed guard present to protect customer assets.

Bank Deposits –KRE Security Team can also handle all types of bank deposits with armed or unarmed couriers. Never switching hands, going to a sorting center or being held for a bulk deposit with other companies, we ensure same day cash deposits that go directly from your organization to your bank. For banking clients, we provide escorts for your employee’s doing cash replenishment, alarm response, and permanent or temporary security guard services. KRE can handle this placing a piece of mind to the customer 24/7/365.

Transporting Valuables – Whether a regular component of your business, or a unique delivery, if you need professional security when handling valuables, KRE Security has you covered no matter the time or day of the week. This specialized service is provided by our network of active and retired police officers military, and public safety members who are personnel trained in tactics specific to high-level asset protection. The primary directive for our armed escorts is the safety of you or your representatives’ assets.

KRE maintains a 24.7 Scheduling and on call manager support system to our customers, where our operations team provides constant monitoring, communication and coordination of service while your assets are in the field. Availability of our team is critical to supporting our customers 24.7 operations. Call for a quote today!

Armed Money Escorts

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