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Truck and Warehouse

KRE has extensive experience providing security programs and services to distribution center clients.  


We demonstrate a vast understanding of the unique challenges and common concerns associated with this market.


  • We know that a security officer’s focus on safety is equally as important as security.

  • We recognize the inherent challenges of protecting a high traffic environment where expensive products, supplies, and equipment are moving in and out.

  • Additionally, a variety of contractors, workers, and visitors pass through sporadically.  

  • Trucking facility based tracking and supplemental based services to coordinating all inbound and out bound traffic and inventory control. 

  • We have the team and strategy to ensure top-notch, professional security at your distribution center.

We are your total resource for providing warehouse and distribution center security.

• Prompt and Courteous Customer Service
• Professional and Reliable Warehouse Security Personnel
• Foot, Vehicle, and Bicycle Patrol
• Certified and Trained Security Patrol Personnel
• Trusted, Competent, and Dependable Manufactories Security Personnel
• Crime Detection and Prevention
• Employees and Visitors Entrance and Access Monitoring
• Effective Communication
• Safeguarding People and Assets Protection
• Parcel, Dock and Vehicle Inspections
• Loss Prevention and Safety Audits
• Fire/Life Safety Program Development and Training

Warehouse and Distribution Center Security

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