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private armed security companies in pa

Know Your Property is Protected

KRE Security LLC. provides a variety of both public and private event, unarmed or armed security guard services across Pennsylvania.

We provide short term, long term, and permanent security guard services to our clients 24/7.

Our security officers provide a public security presence which allows our customers the peace of mind knowing that their property is protected at all hours.

Our security firm is able to accommodate our client’s security guard needs through our operations and staffing centers at any time.

See our list of security guard services we provide below.

Benefits of Outsourcing Security Guard Services

  1. You can focus on doing what you do best – When you leave the security function up to someone else, you and your company can concentrate your resources on the business.  Having a security guard company control the security duties, you can get back to taking care of your customers.

  2. Leave it to the experts – By contracting our security guard service, you can rest assured that we have invested copious amounts of time training our staff, researching the best equipment to use, and making sure all of our (and your) bases are covered. We have perfected our function to be efficient and productive in order to serve you best. Since our focus is 100% on providing security services, we are experts in the field - from staffing to training to the on-site job. 

  3. Free up your resources – Outsourcing the security function of your company will allow you to free up your personnel that are serving this duty to perform other, potentially more important, actions. Keep your focus on efficiency of your process, customer service and the final product.

  4. Reduce risk – Once a contract is signed, we are accountable for the security of your company and/or the details outlined in the contract. Breathe a sigh of relief when that worry is off your plate and know you are in good hands. 

security companies in pa

Our security guard service staff maintains a professional demeanor at all times. Our officers hold current emergency services training, such as CPR and First Aid. KRE Security officers have an ongoing relationship with local level police, fire and EMS agencies throughout the area.KRE Security employs top quality security professionals who have extensive experience working in the criminal and public safety fields.

  • Agriculture

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Armed/Unarmed Security Guards

  • Asset Protection

  • Bar/Nightclub Security

  • College/Universities

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Construction Security

  • Distribution Facilities

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Emergency Storm Response Security

  • Facility Security

  • Film Production Site Security (Food Network)

  • Fire watch Security Services

  • Government Services

  • Healthcare FacilitiesIndustrial Park Security (24/7 Security available)

  • Large Event Security (Concerts, Sporting Events, Local Venues, Fairs, Events of any size, etc)

  • Long Term Contracts

  • Malls

  • Manufacturing & Industrial (Petro-chemical and Chemical Security)

  • Mobile Security Patrol (Marked and Unmarked)

  • National Security Contracts

  • Night Watchmen

  • Office Buildings

  • On-site Security

  • Personal Protection

  • Private Parking Enforcement

  • Residential Communities

  • Restaurant Maintenance

  • Retail Security (Maintenance, Construction)

  • School Events

  • Shopping Centers

  • Special Event Parking Security

  • Temporary and Long-term security available

  • Uniformed Patrol Services

  • Warehouse Security (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week)

The Guard Pro System insures quality control and accountability of the guards and the client that their needs are being met by our security guard professionals.

Guard Pro systems allow our managers to meet with both the client and the security guard to ensure proper rounds are conducted at each shift. KRE managers will provide written reports to the client in order to provide better manager, client relations.

This is part of KRE Security's customer service satisfaction guarantee. We are willing to meet any needs that the client may have while knowing their property is protected.

Security Guard Services
Eastern Pennsylvania

KRE Security LLC. Security Guards Utilize the Guard Pro System

Well Trained and Experienced Security Guard Company Staff

Providing Security Guard Services for:

KRE Security Guard Service PA
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