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KRE Security specializes in providing security and logistical services for the transportation industry across the Eastern Pa Region since 1990, due to our areas vast transportation growth along the Interstate 78 Lehigh, Berks, and Lebanon Counties corridors.  Our very affordable security services relieve your personnel of select inventory and inspection duties while enhancing our ability to provide proper security, and accountability of all transportation containers for our clients. Whether you manage a storage yard, loading dock or a rail yard, our management team will design post order duties to match your business's needs and assign guards that are well-qualified to accomplish them.

Our logistical security services include assisting in inventory control, Fixed guard booth and GPS tracking,  docking designation; keeping accurate timing; tracking and maintaining logs for the arrival and departure of vehicles, materials and equipment; managing shipping inventory; and conducting full inspections of all inbound and outbound trucks. As part of our truck inspections, we'll check the driver's name, document the front and back license plate, and ensure that no pallets or equipment are leaving that aren't authorized. For reefer trucks, we'll also inspect and log the refrigeration temperatures. We can even assist in fulfilling Cal/OSHA's audit requirement, with our staff who are highly trained.

Logistical Business Security

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