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Marked Security Patrol Vehicles Division of KRE Security LLC.

KRE Security has a fleet of Marked Security Patrol Vehicles, Unmarked Patrol, Covert Vehicles, and can also offer Security Patrol Golf carts for venue specific areas that our firm can provide services for. KRE provides a custom patrol service based on the client's needs and venue. 4x4 and All wheel Drive capable vehicles can be stationed for the client's needs. KRE offers fully insured, licensed vehicle use at facility grounds. KRE Golf carts can be utilized on venue specific areas which can offer a cost savings for the facility, only permitted during the use in warmer conditions at the facilities. (Golf Carts Can be Discussed to reduce Fuel expenses at facilities and are marked)

Each Security Patrol Vehicle is equipped with the following:

  • Flashlight

  • Spot Lights

  • Guard Accountability Wand

  • Incident and Daily Reports

  • Medical response bag with Client Permitting, Jumper Cables, KRE and Client Vehicle Policy, Vehicle Log, Traffic Safety Cones, Jumper Cables and AAA Membership, Traffic Hand Wand, UHF or VHF Radio- (Programmable to client sites)

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Security Vehicle Patrol

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