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"Post-9/11, A New World Emerges for Security," an article written by Reading Eagle's Carole Duran.

Read about the difference KRE Security LLC. is making in the community when it comes to safety and security. You can read the article here.

Kandice Pyles

Finance Manager

BS- Sports Administration and Business Management 

Kandice Pyles finance & scheduling mgr

Miss Pyles has a post education background and degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelors in Sports Administration and a Minor in Business Administration. Miss Pyles is primarily responsible for overseeing and managing our firms financial, payroll and billing department and works with our clients to oversee client billing and scheduling. Kandice’s experience has been key to introducing the updating employee tracking and scheduling and payroll management system with our office. Kandice works daily with our clients to ensure all billing and time manager reports are generated and prepared weekly for financial stability within KRE Security LLC.

Kandice’s  post education background provides a benefit to KRE Security understand both the financial budgeting needs of our School district and commercial clients who we provide services too. Financial stability and integrity are all key points that Kandice delivers to the KRE Team and to our clients across the Area.  Miss Pyles will provide all invoicing and staff scheduling needs for the client. Kandice oversees our Scheduling department who works hand in hand with the KRE Finance department. Kandice works hand in hand with the KRE Scheduling department.

Rachael Dalton

Administrative Director


Ms. Dalton joined KRE Security in August 2021 as a Dispatcher, quickly headed our Scheduling Division, was promoted to Administrative Director and most recently has accepted her current role within KRE. Rachael brings with her over 20 years in Administration, Human Resources and Scheduling.   She has a Liberal Arts background from Northampton Area Community College. Her primary responsibility at KRE Security is assuring that all client needs are met and our guards are ready to work.  She is always available to work with you,  our customer and neighbor to find solutions to your security needs.

Currently Ms. Dalton oversees the day to day operations needs for the KRE Security family. Her duties include direct support to KRE President Jarrod Emes,  Staff Management, Client Concerns & Needs, Field Operations and ensuring KRE Best Business Practices.

Rachael also specializes in ensuring our field operations division is in compliance with customer needs daily.  Rachael is a contributing member of the KRE Business Development Team.  She also assists in providing Direct Client to Staff relationships and coordinates all Field Training, Field Operations and Compliance daily with our clients. 

Rachael has been a critical asset in overseeing the Silvertrac management and guard activities in her day to day operations here at KRE Security LLC. Rachael manages over 160 employees and the daily operational needs of  KRE.

Lee Valentin

Field Operations Manager


Lee joined KRE Security LLC in June of 2021. Lee came on as a PT Guard, and quickly moved into a FT position within one of our local clients. She took ownership of the site, and quickly caught the attention of the Front Ofice and Operations Team. Since joining us Lee has earned her Phazzer CEW Non Lethal Certiication through our in-house training program, and in May of 2023 Lee acquired her Lethal Weapons ACT 235 Certiication. We are pleased to have welcomed Lee as a member of the Operations Team in August 2023.


Lee has a wealth of experience in various ields such as a Licensed Machine Operator and a Warehouse Manager, most recently in her off time she attended school and has earned her Certiied Nursing Assistant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Lee also holds valid certiication in CPR/First Aid/ AED use. Her background lends itself well to her position as a Operations Manager with KRE Security, and makes her a valuable resource to our clients in planning their needs, and making recommendations on how to secure their property and keep their employees safe on the premises.


Throughout her career Lee has gained skills that she has been able to carry along with her. These include, problem solving, leadership, communication and adaptability. Lee likes to keep busy, and learn new things regularly.

Dave Bardo

Director of Operations


David has been with KRE Security since July of 2021, first brought on as a Entry Level guard, was quickly promoted to Site Lead and now holds the role of Director of Operations.  He brings with him a unique skill set that is valuable to both KRE Security and our clients. 

As an US Army Veteran who served from 2002 – 2006 as an Alpha Company Platoon Sergeant Assistant, he held Top-Secret Security Clearance, and he worked as a trainer for the US Army Yearly Skills Evaluates in gate evaluation and Safety.  David holds a deep understanding of OSHA and MSHA Safety Guidelines.  These attributes have allowed Dave to visit with clients upon their start up with KRE Security and give them a professional understanding and perspective,, helping them understand what will be the most beneficial plan for us to secure the property.  Whether it is with gate access control, guard tour rounds, or a general overview.

Part of David’s responsibilities are to visit with our guards while on shift to provide 1:1 training, ensure guard compliance to post orders, and meet with clients as needed to address any concerns they may be having.  David works hard to make sure that all our clients feel that they are our priority.

David is currently working on finishing obtaining his ACT 235 Certification, allowing him to add another valuable skill to his portfolio for our clients.  He is also finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Forensics with a Minor in Professional and Technical Writing. 

In addition to being an US Army Veteran, David has over 20 years in Emergency Services where he served in leadership roles in multiple areas.  David has worked as a PA Certified EMT, EMT Instructor as well as AHA First Aid, AED, and CPR Instructor. With his vast experiences David performs well under pressure and in critical time sensitive operations as learned through his direct real time support of war fighters world wide.

David proudly serves our clients in the Eastern PA and Susquehanna River Valley Region in Central Pennsylvania and is always ready to help

Matthew Peters

Operations Manager

Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 1.42.58 PM.png

Matt joined KRE in March of 2024. He brings a wide variety of skill sets to the company. One of Matt’s greatest attributes is his leadership. Matt has a Communications background from Penn State University. He has also completed the Marsh and McLennan Management Training Course in Dallas, Tx. Matt was a two-time guest at the Vitals National Leadership Conference in both Chicago and Cleveland. These are seminars that focus on advanced sales, marketing, and leadership for day-to-day Operations Managers.

Matt is a United States Marine Corps veteran, and has served multiple combat tours in Iraq. While in the Marine Corps, Matt held a Secret Clearance. Matt led numerous operations overseas, to include cross training exercises with the Republic of Korea ROK Marines, the Royal Thai Marines, and Iraqi security forces. Matt was a MCMAP instructor in the Marine Corps, leading hand-to-hand combat training for his platoon. He is also a jiu jitsu silver medalist at the North American NAGA tournament.

Matt has extensive experience as a security supervisor for Southern California nightclubs, sporting events, and music venues. Matt has also overseen transportation, regulations, and security for the Department of Health in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program.

KRE Security LLC. was founded in August of 1990. We are a full-time Security Service and Investigations Corporation. We provide factually based investigations and conduct every investigation ethically, morally, legally and with the highest degree of integrity. Our goal is to meet your security needs 24-7 while providing cost effective services to our customers. 

KRE Securities

KRE Security affiliations
Alvernia university logo
Union Fire Co Hamburg

Class Alumni

Graduate of Alvernia College
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Minor in Sociology.

Awarded the Saint Michael Archangel Award 2007

Berks Technical Institute
"Program Advisory Board Member"  Criminal Justice Department


Member of the KRE Security/ Investigations Inc. Management Team, PA 2007-2016

Owner KRE Security LLC. 2016- Present

Certified Instructor in American Heart CPR, First Aid, Training, Phazzer- Non Lethal, Pa Act 235- Lethal weapon Agent

Work Experiences include:
•Berks County Juvenile Detention Center
•Berks County Dept of Emergency Services, as a Special Projects Officer
•Investigation experience as a Deputy Coroner for the Schuylkill County Coroner’s Office

Jarrod brings over 20 years in the Emergency Services Field, specializing in Fire/Rescue and Emergency Management Field where he oversees a municipal hazard plan, mitigation projects and ongoing safety assessments and building. Jarrod is a current certified instructor in American Heart CPR, First Aid, Non Lethal Phazzer Instructor. He has worked for KRE Security/Investigations Inc. for 15 years. He is now the Director of Security for the company and works directly on a one-on-one level with the clients daily.

kre security consulting company president
Contact us Today: 610-562-0971 or Email Us Here

Jarrod K. Emes - President & Owner
BA - Criminal Justice

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